Toledo and the marzipan

Each place has its own cuisine and its own products that their neighbors feel enormously proud of. And greater is the reason when one of these products is famous and appreciated worldwide. And this is precisely what you feel when we talk about Toledo’s world-famous marzipan.

The tradition affirms that this product was elaborated for the first time back in 1212 by the nuns of the Convent of San Clemente, when the city was being subjected to a prolonged siege of the Muslim troops, and a terrible famine began to wreak havoc in the population. The nuns of this convent decided to mix equally two products that had in abundance, which were sugar and almonds, getting this sweet product that solved that problem and gave rise to a traditional sweet still consumed today.

And still the nuns of that convent continue to elaborate the marzipan in an artisan way, just like the nuns in other convents spread throughout the city. There are even other workshops with a long tradition whose marzipans are appreciated by Toledo and tourists. But not only is the traditional marzipan, but different varieties enriched with almonds, pine nuts, angel hair … etc. That’s why it’s easy when you walk around Toledo to find a convent or a workshop that proudly displays its products and sells them directly to the public. Whether you want to taste them personally, or surprise a relative or friend with a delicious gift, we recommend you take advantage of the occasion and enjoy this world-renowned delicacy.