The Bisagra Gate

The Bisagra Gate

In Muslim times there was already a door in this place, in order to facilitate the entrance to the city to the massive influx of travelers who came to it from the north. It was in the sixteenth century, specifically in the year 1551, when the old entrance was replaced by the current, following the guidelines of the urban transformations of the reign of Charles V. The purpose of the monarch was to change the appearance of a city that, despite being imperial capital, it was anchored in the Middle Ages.

The work began around 1554, being corregidor Don Pedro de Córdoba. Alonso de Covarrubias was in charge of its construction, building an imposing triumphal arch, flanked by two thick towers and crowned by the largest stone eagle berroqueña known. Such majesty was taken advantage of by the sixteenth-century kings to celebrate their triumphal entries in Toledo.

The work was completely finished in 1576, when under the direction of Nicolás de Vergara they finished building the towers of the interior body. It is in this place where the door warden had his home, whose purpose was to collect the toll of toll, and at the same time to watch the roads of the north.

Crown the front of the door a protective figure, representing the Guardian Angel of the city.

Source: Jesús-José Cerdeño Vozmediano