Gate of Alfonso VI

Gate of Alfonso VII

It affirms the popular belief, without base that confirms it or it denies it, that this was the place where the reconquistador acceded to the city, motivating the denomination of the door also well-known like Old Door of Bisagra. There were those who claimed that their origin is Visigoth, but both for its structure and for the written data we can not frame it before the Saracen invasion. The oldest reference is dated between the years 1009-1010. Considering these data, and some others that already mention it in some revolts occurred around the year 838, we will frame the construction of the door in the first third of the IX.

It maintained its function of entrance to the city until the middle of the 16th century, when it was walled off at the inauguration of the new Puerta de Bisagra, which constituted the main access to the city thereafter. However, in the year 1560, on the occasion of sumptuous celebrations to receive in Isabel to Isabel de Valois, first wife of Felipe II, it was considered convenient to reopen it because of the great crowd gathered for the occasion. Once the reason for its opening was finished, it was closed again.

At present, and after numerous restorations, it has recovered its function, being one of the main accesses to the Historic District of Toledo.

Fuente: Jesús-José Cerdeño Vozmediano