Now we offer you a new service so you can tour Toledo in a different way; bicycle rental To do this, we use Carrasco es Ciclismo 100% guaranteed bicycles, one of the most prestigious brands on the market, and always ready for you to enjoy the adventure of traveling Toledo by bike without startle.

All of them are equipped with the main safety elements, such as: padlock, spare parts for the most common breakdowns (such as punctures), and security lights. They are also reviewed by the specialized professionals of Carrasco es Ciclismo.

You have at your disposal three types of bicycles: MTB Bicycle (29 ″ or Fatbike 26 ″), Electric Bicycle (E-Bike), or Road Bike. In addition, if you wish, you can count on expert and personalized staff (native Toledo), who can advise you on different routes through Toledo, and be able to make better use of your visit.

It is even possible to hire guided tours to take advantage of each pedaling, and not leave without visiting even one of the essential corners of the city of Toledo.

Enjoying your visit to Toledo at pedal stroke is now possible.

If you want to rent your bike, or have any questions, at the reception we inform you.