El Chorro, La Chorrera and El Rocigalgo

The visit we now recommend is for those who like to enjoy hiking, or nature walks. It is the route of the jet, the Chorrera and the Rocigalgo. It is located in the National Park of Cabanamen, very close to the village of Los Navalucillos, which we will arrive in about an hour from the campsite. Once you arrive there, follow the road of Robledo del Ox, and at the height of kilometer 16 we will find an indication by a dirt road. We can go this way with the car, although it is a bit tortuous and would be easier with an SUV. In just a few minutes we will reach the river Pusa, where we can see on the right hand a picnic area and facilities adapted to enjoy a picnic if the needed. Leaving this on the right, we will continue along the road to the left, and in five minutes we’ll arrive at the beginning of our route, which will continue on foot.

There is a small parking lot where we can leave our vehicle quietly, and an information booth where we will give plans and recommendations on the possible routes. Depending on the preparation, the time, and our desire, we will be able to choose three different routes:

Route to the stream

Route to the Chorrera girl

Route to the Rocigalgo

If we choose the first option, the journey of Ida is about four kilometres, which we will travel in about two hours, with just two hundred meters of height. It is not too complicated, as shown by crossing with quite a few hikers, including families with small children on a well-signposted route and with small narrower areas. The final prize of the trip is to enjoy the jet, a small and beautiful waterfall.

If we are encouraged we can continue to the Chorrera girl walking a kilometer and a half more, which will extend the time of the journey in about three quarters of an hour to ascend approximately another hundred meters. The road becomes somewhat more complicated in some sections, mainly in the rainy season when the terrain becomes somewhat more slippery. On this route we will find cornices used by the shepherds to guard with the cattle, and contemplate magnificent views of the valley.

If we dare to complete the route to the Rocigalgo we will have to travel four and a half kilometres more, which would take us a total time of approximately four hours from the exit, and a height of 700 meters. The Rocigalgo is the highest peak of the Montes de Toledo with 1448 meters. When crowning the peak we will enjoy a panoramic view of the National Park of Cabanars.

An ideal option to spend a day enjoying nature, exercising, and enjoying good company in a natural and quiet environment. Very important is to wear comfortable clothes, proper footwear, and not forget to bring something to drink and food to replenish strength.